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Set of Thank You Cards

I have had many occasions lately to send thank you cards to people in my life who have shown me their beautiful kindness.  So, that has inspired me to create a set of thank you cards for you!  The set is $20 for 5 cards (and envelopes).

You can check them out HERE!

Write on… handmade with meaning...

In this world of mass produced, imported products, I want to offer something meaningful that is made with care, diligence and enthusiasm and an eye for beauty in all its forms. 

In fact, the mission for Write on… is (and, of course, I put it on a canvas!): 

Here are some of the products available with

Write on…

Joy Journal

The Joy Journal is made for recording the good moments in our everyday lives.   You will be surprised by the number of good things that happen in a day. 

My family keeps one at the dinner table.  At dinner, we each write down our favorite thing that happened that day.  It has inspired many conversations that I'm sure would never have come up without it.  You can also use them to record funny quotes that your kids have said or affirmations and favorite famous quotes.







Inspiratus Journal

The Inspiritus Journal is for recording moments of inspiration.  That inner voice is often just a whisper and it is so often overshadowed by outside expectations, our fears, and our inner critic.  The best way to really develop an ability to hear our intuition, is to practice listening to it.  If we listen to, record,  and then follow those moments of "divine breath", we will hear it more and more.  Then we can more easily follow our hearts desire and lead a life that suits our soul's purpose.


 Quotes on Canvas are a great daily visual reminder of what is really important. 

 The Surrender Box will allow you to let go of the fears that hold you back. 





 Other Journals

I also have plenty of other journal designs to choose from.  You're sure to find the perfect one for recording your journey. 

And, if you have something specific in mind that you don't see here, please let me know.  I am happy to do special orders to make something that is just right for you.




"I wonder if this moment will be the thing

I most appreciate today.

I should savor this.”

– Lynn Robinson, Divine Intuition


Write on…



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